Documents & Sundry

This page contains links to general information relevant to Bionutrient Food Association & Real Food Campaign, as well as powerpoint presentations and audio recordings from past RFC Workshops.

Organization & Strategy Docs

BFA Chapters brochure

Soil Profile Project brochure and form

BFA Membership brochure and mail-in registration form

Call to Action
The PDF version of the Call to Action issued by the Bionutrient Food Organization & the Real Food Campaign, a call for gathering support to launch a thorough, science-based exploration into what actually constitutes quality in our food, how it is determined, and how reliable measurements and tools can be made available to growers and consumers in a useful and empowering way.

Various Supportive Docs of Interest

Principles to Produce Nutrient Dense Crops
This is the PDF version of the PowerPoint document that Director Dan Kittredge uses in workshops to farmers around the country. You will soon be able to purchase an audio file of him presenting this material to the Eco-Farm Conference in California.

2011 Nutrient Guide
Food composition tables for more than 400 natural and conventional foods, with a special update on America's vanishing nutrients, as compiled by Alex Jack of

Glossary of Terms
Definitions of terms used in the courses. An evolving document.

Refractive Index of Crop Juices
A Brix chart that specifies the parameters for poor, average, good and excellent Brix for a large number of crops.


2013 High Bionutrient Crop Production Course

On occasion, various individuals have graciously taken it upon themselves to record the workshops for others benefit. Some of those efforts are posted here.

2011 Nutrient Dense Crop Production Course

2010 Nutrient Dense Crop Production Course