Bionutrient Rich Food

How Bionutrient Food is Being Defined

BFA is developing the tools to verify and identify the levels of nutrient quality in food. We believe that nutrition can be measured, and that growers are motivated to optimize crop nutrition through consumer demand and awareness. BFA is working with thousands of Grower Members and supporters throughout the U.S. to develop standards and an identification process for Bionutrient food.

The BFA research team is sifting through and organizing a century worth of research, observation and correlation related to crop quality and farming practice. In the meantime, BFA is planning a survey of crop quality in 5 regions of the U.S. to uncover the correlations between farming practices and nutrient quality. This survey will determine how levels of quality vary in relationship to other variables, and where our next research should be focused.

The Future of Good Food

Testing all of the vitamins and minerals in a piece of fruit can be an expensive and time-consuming process. The technology to make this an individualized and simple process exists. The BFA research team consists of Grower Members, soil scientists and agronomists who will use a sophisticated tool to determine the levels of many different types of nutrients and minerals with a single scan. This “photospectrometer” will measure the quality of the food we eat. The tool is currently limited in availability, but BFA is developing a custom calibration and plans to make it widely available.

Until that day

To test your crops at home and in the store we recommend a measurement developed in the 19th century for the wine industry called the Brix test. Anyone can perform this simple test to measure the level of dissolved solids in liquid extracted from any fruit or vegetable. Some of BFA’s research will be fine-tuning the relationship between the Brix test and complex nutrients like vitamins and anti-oxidants. A rfefractometer and the other tools necessary to test your food are a benefit of membership with BFA.

BFA is uncovering substantial evidence and research that indicates that the nutrient levels in foods are easily measurable, and that bionutrient foods are achievable. Through 2011 and 2012 we will work with a team of soil science, agronomy and nutrition experts to establish a standard for what constitutes bionutrient food. We will have a first baseline of quality standard to measure from by October 2012. If you would like to assist in this process, or have input into it, please email: