• Our Crops
    Yield, Vigor and Flavor
    are determined by
    soil vitality.

    Our Crops

    Soil is a biological system, and addressing limiting factors in air, water, carbon, minerals and biology systemically empowers crops.

  • Our Health
    Is affected by the quality
    of the food we put in
    our bodies.

    Our Health

    Nutritive levels in crops have been dropping for decades. Degenerative diseases are becoming epidemic. Understand quality and find the best for your family.

  • Quality of Food
    Can be understood
    and identified.

    Quality of Food

    Our work is in helping to increase Bionutrient levels in the food supply. Join us in identifying what quality is available where in your area.


Fresh From the Field

Biochar Workshop: October 17-18

We've added another workshop to the roster - a two-day seminar at Dan's farm in North Brookfield, MA focusing on the art, science, and practical application of biochar, led by Gary Gilmore, a Pennsylvania State Forester who has been working with and refining methods of biochar production for decades. Gary will be doing at least two burns as demonstration, and everyone who attends the workshop will walk away with a wealth of in-depth information and knowledge about the benefits of biochar — what it is, how it is made, how it is applied, and the excitement that comes from making and using it. Learn more and register today!

California Workshop: July 22-23

We've received many requests to bring our High Bionutrient Crop Production Workshops to the west coast, and after an overwhelmingly positive response to intro lectures in the Bay Area, we are pleased to announce our first California workshop — in Sebastopol on July 22-23. So exciting to see the viral spread of interest and eagerness to learn more about the principles & practices of this form of biological farming and gardening.  Register today to learn what the excitement is about!

RBTI workshop: April 22-23 at Kittredge Farm

We are excited to present a two-day workshop focusing on the art, science, and practice of Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI), led by Steve Westin, student of Dr. Carey Reams. Dr. Reams' theories were foundational to many in the field that followed, and are the basis of much of the cutting edge in agriculture as practiced by the BFA. To truly understand the underpinnings of how to grow bionutrient-rich food, one must understand the idea of energy as promulgated by Reams. This opportunity offers growers a deeper level of understanding regards the health and energy of their soil, and the resultant nutrient quality of their crops, as well as in-depth look at RBTI and it's insights regards human health. A truly unique event not to be missed! Learn more!

Audio recordings from the Soil & Nutrition Conference

...are now available online in our Library. Weren't able to make this year's conference? Or just want to go back to have another listen to glean new information and insights? It's all there for posterity, as well as previous conferences for you to peruse. Visit the Soil & Nutrition Conference Archive and dig in!